Junior Buyer (Workshop)

Location: South London
Salary: Competitive
Type: Full-time

Job Purpose
Commercially responsible for maximising the delivery of the budgeted financial KPI’s (Sales/Margin/Stock turn) by trading all aspects of the product range to deliver a market beating product and promotional proposition. Driven to deliver the highest level of customer service internally and externally through the constant management of all aspects of the range. The Junior Buyer must be customer and competition focussed to analyse, plan and deliver a compelling Multichannel product proposition in line with the Robert Dyas vision.

Main duties and responsibilities
Working within the strategic direction set by the Senior Buyer (SB), the Junior Buyer (JB) is responsible for developing and implementing their Robert Dyas Multichannel range strategy which will maximise the set financial business targets and deliver the Robert Dyas market position relative to the competition. The JB is responsible for the strategic balance of brands versus Robert Dyas or off the shelf and be clear about how to position Robert Dyas in the market. We must present a compelling practical range that must also be up to date with current trends on design and lifestyle
Promotional strategy
  • Working with the ST and Marketing Team, the JB is responsible for developing and implementing strategic promotional plan which can deliver the key financial parameters. 
  • The JB is responsible for rigorously maintaining the MMS system and other required data required throughout the business.
  • The JB is responsible for delivering their business sales and cash income targets. The role requires balancing long term strategic trading and promotional objectives with the need for short terms tactical activity in line with trading conditions. 
Customer and competitor focus
  • The JB must be customer and competition obsessed. Working with the SB, the JB is responsible for positioning the Robert Dyas product proposition to ensure the product proposition delivers the strategic position of Robert Dyas. 
Range structure
  • Taking into account our existing shopping patterns, the competition and our strategic goal The JB is fully responsible for delivering a customer focused well-structured Multi-Channel product range that delivers Robert Dyas strategic market position. 
Pricing Strategy
  • Working with the ST and Marketing department the JB is responsible for developing and maintaining a pricing strategy that meets legislation and positions us optimally versus our competitors.
Supplier terms
  • The JB is responsible for maintaining and managing all their supplier terms to ensure that the net financial return is maximised.
  • The JB has a key interface with the Merchandising team to support them in their objectives to manage the supply chain and OTB to maximise ROI on stock throughout the supply chain and will take whatever action is necessary to support maximising business ROI. Working in partnership to adapt and develop the supply chain for maximum efficiency.
Product quality
  • The JB is responsible through the Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) for setting quality standards and ensuring that the Robert Dyas product range is of excellent quality and meets all legal and legislative requirements. 
  • Working with the SB, the JB is responsible for developing and delivering the Robert Dyas supply chain strategy to deliver the strategic range objectives. 
Specific Skills and Experience
  • Organised and experience of translating trading trends and market trends into sales opportunity in line with business proposition.
  • Strong understanding of Multi-channel Convenience Retailing with a proven track record in High Street / Food Retailing.
  • A strong understanding of the life cycle of a product in a seasonally reactive business.
  • Proven experience in Buying/Product Selection.
  • Experience of working in a multi-channel business.
  • A good commercial understanding of the Robert Dyas customer and product range.
  • Experience of strategic and tactical development; sourcing, buying, marketing and sales plans
  • Negotiation skills
  • Budget planning and proven track record in buying at the right price and the right time 
  • Good understanding of Far East Sourcing (FOB), Manufacturing and QA/C.
  • Balanced risk taker, will always deliver agreed financial plans
  • Self-motivated
  • High attention to detail 
  • High numeracy and quick analytical skills 
  • Drives results through people and performance 
Closing Date